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Anti Aging Face Masks

Using an overnight face mask is a way to get a little more out of your skincare routine. Read more...




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Why should one use a mask to combat the effects of aging?

Using an overnight face mask is a way to get a little more out of your skincare routine. Overnight masks are similar to night creams but tend to use more concentrated ingredients. Many anti-aging creams that are used nightly work by drying or exfoliating the skin. For some these can be too harsh or irritating, especially if you have sensitive skin. In these cases using a mask can be beneficial to deliver concentrated ingredients to your skin in one night as opposed to over several. The other way these can be used is to supplement hydration in your skin if you are using a nightly anti-aging cream.

What are some benefits of using an anti-aging mask?

The main benefit of anti-aging masks tends to be the infusion of ingredients to address various aspects of aging. Alpha hydroxy acids tend to thicken the skin by stimulating collagen production. Antioxidants help reduce inflammation that can lead to collagen and elastic breakdown. Hyaluronic acid can hydrate or plump the skin increasing its overall turgor.

What age should people start masking for anti-aging?

Anti-aging masks usually contain alpha hydroxy acids, antioxidants, and/or Hyaluronic acid. These ingredients tend to be safe for anyone post-puberty. At younger ages, these ingredients help fight acne. As we age they help fight the signs of aging.

How often should one use an anti-aging mask?

Due to the concentration of active ingredients in masks, once weekly is usually sufficient.

Is hydrogel better than sheet masks?

Hydrogel is can offer more hydration than traditional sheet masks. Hydrogel is based on a product used medically for wound healing. It has good results in the treatment and management of wounds overall by maintaining a level of hydration on the surface that promotes and accelerates healing. For a face mask, it is a good choice if you have or struggle with dry skin while still searching for an anti-aging product you can tolerate!


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