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Avoiding germs at the gym

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There are some common bugs to pick up from the gym. These are not a reason to avoid the gym- just a reason to be prepared!

Staphylococcus aureus

This common bacteria can spread readily in a gym. If someone has a nick or cut in the skin and comes into contact with the surface holding this bacteria we run the risk of this bacteria spreading to our skin. If it gets into our hair follicles we can see recurrent flares of infected hair follicles or folliculitis. Contact with exercise equipment that we grip or sit on is a common source of this exposure. It is important to wipe down surfaces we come into direct contact with a sanitizing wipe or hand sanitizer or throw a towel to cover the exposed surface.

Plantar warts

Walking barefoot on gym mats, knees on the mats, walking barefoot in the showers or around the pool, etc can put us at risk of exposing our skin to the wart virus. If this gets into our skin it can lead to a frustrating battle with these relentless little bumps! It’s important to wipe down gym mats, wear socks with grips, flip flops- anything that can prevent direct contact with these surfaces.

Remember to keep flip-flops in your gym bag, yoga socks if you don’t carry your own yoga mat, sanitizing wipes or hand sanitizer, and an extra hand towel to place on equipment to avoid direct contact to be ready for your next workout!


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