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Best Moisturizers with SPF

Consider a moisturizer with SPF a multitasking product. The intent of the product is twofold: to provide both hydration and sun protection. Read more...




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What is a moisturizer with SPF?

Consider a moisturizer with SPF a multitasking product. The intent of the product is twofold: to provide both hydration and sun protection.

How can a moisturizer with SPF provide protection from the sun AND hydration?

I may differ from some of my peers in that I am a fan of these products. There is a very practical reason as to why.

Let's break this down by claims:


SPF is a standardized measure that is a regulated claim by the FDA. SPF is not a marketing term, it has substance. If a sunscreen has an SPF of 30 and a moisturizer with sunscreen has an SPF of 30, then these products offer the same sun protection benefits if adequately applied and reapplied.


The intent of a moisturizer is to add hydration to the superficial layers of the skin. This can help the skin restore its natural barrier function. I often give the analogy of a cobblestone street or a brick wall. If you think of our skin as a brick wall, when it is cold out or we use exfoliating products in excess, the mortar that holds the bricks together starts to dissolve. This makes our body and skin far more sensitive to the environment. Applying a moisturizer helps restore the mortar to help the wall maintain its function.

Most moisturizers with SPF will contain some ingredients focused on hydration. For most people with normal skin types or oily skin types, this will likely be adequate. Adding a second product may actually make the skin feel oily or greasy. However, those with dry skin may feel the need for an additional moisturizer to supplement the hydration.

What are your top picks for moisturizers with SPF?

This combination is one of my go-to recommendations for most people. Often my patients that ask to simplify their routines find it frustrating that if they do use a moisturizer with an SPF they are left wondering if they should just use it at night as well for hydration. This combination of CeraVe AM & PM just makes sense.

​This non-comedogenic formulation is a nice recommendation for those with acne-prone skin. In my opinion, it leaves less of a film or residue on the skin making it a nice choice for those looking for a product that is not as obvious when it is on.

My first trip to a dermatologist was when I was 17 for acne. He recommended that I use Oil of Olay and I have loved it ever since. I love Olay's line of products, especially because my skin can run on the oilier side. Although I do change my routine every now and again, this one always finds its way back in!

​If you are seeking a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen...

My number one recommended product is Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue. Even though it’s not marketed as a BB cream, it technically is one. It combines sunscreen, moisture, and tint in one product. It has nice coverage even if you choose not to use an added concealer. It has a broad range of tints for most consumers. For sunscreen, it uses titanium, a mineral-based sunscreen. I love this because I prefer to avoid chemical sunscreens.




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