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Brushes | Is it time for a change?

So how long before you should change out these brushes? Read more...




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Could my makeup brush be a problem?

When my patients start to have skin struggles, at some point they turn their attention to their skincare routine. Often we re-evaluate our products, however, we do not always pay much attention to reusable products such as makeup brushes, beauty blenders, hairbrushes, etc. I have had patients tell me that they do not even recall how long they have been using the exact same blush brush or eyeshadow brush. So how long before you should change out these brushes? The answer is it depends.

How should I manage my makeup brushes?

For makeup brushes used to apply products to the face, from a brush maintenance perspective, routine cleaning should be performed. Cleaning these products every 2 weeks is ideal to avoid the build-up of bacteria, yeast, and other organisms on these devices.

Routine wear and tear will lead to a change in the texture and feel of these brushes over time. This can run the risk of an increase in the abrasive quality of the brushes. By triggering superficial scratches or abrasions in the skin, there is the risk of skin infection that can result.

Ideally, changing your brushes every 3 months given the nature of the product is ideal if you use it frequently. With skincare in general, 3 months from opening a product can ensure freshness and maximal safety. If you are routinely cleaning and maintaining your brushes, changing them can be focused on textural changes associated with wear and tear. If you are not cleaning these routinely, product accumulation runs a risk of associated overgrowth of microorganisms that can affect your skin.

What about hair brushes?

Hairbrushes and combs are a slightly different category. The skin of our scalp is significantly thicker than our facial skin. Cleaning a hairbrush every 2 weeks is ideal given the dirt, debris, oil, bacteria, yeast, and other organisms that can build up. Just like we need to wash our hair, we need to wash our brushes!

That being said, replacing our hairbrushes does not need to occur as frequently as facial brushes. Every 6 months to a year based or even longer based on the integrity of the brush and bristles and the cleaning maintenance performed can increase the longevity of a hairbrush.


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