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Gua Sha Facial

The Gua Sha facial utilizes the benefits of facial massage via a small boomerang-shaped jade stone or rose quartz. Read more...




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What do gua sha facials do?

The Gua Sha facial utilizes the benefits of facial massage via a small boomerang-shaped jade stone or rose quartz.

What is facial massage?

Facial massage has its benefits if done correctly. The science behind the benefits of facial massage hinges on understanding that the face is home to dozens of muscles in addition to blood vessels and lymphatics. Recognizing that tension can be held in these muscles and excess fluid can build up in the skin, massage can help stimulate circulation to assist in the drainage of this fluid and decrease muscle tension. The outcome if performed correctly is to help tone and tighten the appearance of the facial anatomy.



Is a gua sha facial the only way to achieve facial massage?

There is not necessarily one type of device that falls under the category of facial massagers. In evaluating devices, there are manual devices that rely on pressure, temperature, and technique and there are electric devices that utilize high-frequency vibratory movement and/or microcurrent to work.



What is a mechanical facial massager?

What I refer to as ‘mechanical' facial massagers include Jade Rollers, Ice Rollers, and Gua Sha Facial tools. These are simple-to-use tools that focus on the coolness of the stone or device to help ‘de-puff’ the skin through vasoconstriction. Manual applied pressure and movement of the stone or device help assist the circulation by focusing on directing the drainage of excess fluid in the tissues toward the lymphatics. Understanding this, the key is to start at the central face and work outwards towards the lymphatic vessels with the device.

Do facial massagers really work?

There can be some noticeable benefits to performing facial massage.

De-puffing the skin, smoothing, giving a more lifted appearance, and making the skin appear less congested are all common benefits sought through this procedure.

Is facial massage safe to do at home?

It is safe to perform a Gua Sha facial at home however you really need to become well-versed in the lymphatic drainage of the face. Simply running the tool back and forth may actually not yield any results. Also understanding that applied pressure is needed but not pressure so deep as to risk bruising the skin.


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