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How to shop for retinol

Updated: Jul 11

If you are just starting on a retinol product, I recommend starting with brands found at the drugstore. The reason is simple. These products do not tend to be “complicated” and do not tend to contain a lot of excess ingredients that can sometimes contribute to further irritation from the product. Read more...



how to shop for retinol

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Why does the night matter for skincare?

Nighttime is the best opportunity to help your skin repair itself from the damage it sees during the day from UV rays and free radicals and renew itself.

Which ingredient should I consider integrating into my nighttime routine for my skin?

Retinol is an important ingredient to consider when you are looking to address the signs of premature aging of the skin. It can be challenging to find a retinol that suits your skin without irritating or inflaming it. Over-the-counter retinol is not as potent as prescription-strength tretinoin or other retinoids but can still trigger skin irritation in those sensitive to its use.

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