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Ice Facials

This technique consists of rolling ice or facial tools fresh from the freezer over the skin to reduce puffiness and bring down redness. Read more...




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What is an ice facial?

With more than 62 million hashtags this beauty technique is something that TikTokers is clearly talking about. This technique consists of rolling ice or facial tools fresh from the freezer over the skin to reduce puffiness and bring down redness.

Is there any science to support the use of ice facials?

The thought behind ice rollers, cooled jade rollers, frozen cucumbers and other cold products are that they can cool the skin and reduce vascular congestion. Cucumbers also have vitamin K which has been shown to help with circulation as well.

We do know that fluid tends to accumulate in the soft tissue of the face and around the eyes. It can worsen with allergies, rosacea, high blood pressure, and hormonal changes. The longer the fluid is there, it will start to change the texture of the skin on the face. Many people will note that their skin starts to look like the peel of an orange or the bags under their eyes seem more prominent. Aside from medications, simple massage to gently work this excess fluid back into the lymphatic system can help control the effects of this swelling. I’ll often tell patients to simply massage the skin around their eyes in a circular fashion to reduce the look of bags under the eyes.

How effective are ice facials?

The benefit of cooling the skin is a combination of the science of massage of the lymphatics system in the skin with the cool durable quality of a device or a frozen cucumber surface to maximize the benefits of removing excess inflammation and fluid in the skin. We often discuss the benefits of massaging fluid out of soft tissue to reduce swelling and inflammation. This is better achieved by a cool device than by fingertips with their associated body heat that may trigger vasodilation and defeat the purpose.

Are ice facials dangerous for the skin?

This is harmless for most people who try it. I am a proponent of even placing moisturizers in the fridge prior to applying them to help cool inflammation and redness in the skin when applying. Be careful to not use a device or a cucumber straight out of the freezer. Excess cold can sting when applied. Cucumbers have a slightly textured but not rough surface making them unlikely to irritate or abrade the skin when used.

How often should I consider an ice facial?

This is safe enough to use even on a daily basis. Alternatively, it can be used for flares of swelling or flushing of the skin.


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