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Magnetic Eyelashes

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

I recommend considering a few things when choosing the right magnetic eyelashes option for your precious eyes. Read more...



Magnetic Eyelashes

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What are magnetic eyelashes?

Accentuating the eyes through various cosmetic preparations is not a new trend. The use of mascara in its modern form dates back to the 1800s however tribes in Algeria had been using the original forms of this cosmetic product to protect their eyes. Wearing false lashes followed and dates back over a century when they were first patented in 1911. The original false eyelashes were glued on individually or as strips.

The history of magnetic lashes in use likely dates back over the past decade however I did find patents on record for different types dating back to 1967.

Magnetic eyelashes are an effective method of applying false eyelashes without the use of an adhesive. They literally work via tiny magnets attached to the eyelid margin. Each set of lashes comes in 2 pairs, 2 for the upper eyelid and 2 for the lower eyelid. The magnetics on each pair attach to each other at the lash line giving a little more definition and lift to the lashes.

Are magnetic lashes safe for your eyes?

I find magnetic lashes to be overall safe once you get used to applying them and at the very least they avoid sticky messy glues.

I recommend considering a few things when choosing the right option for your precious eyes!

Magnetic eyelashes

Magnetic eyelashes


The main thing to look for that makes magnetic lashes different is that they are applied on BOTH sides of your current lashes whereas traditional lashes are only applied on top of your current lashes. By having the added lashes closer to your eye itself, if you are used to traditional eyelash extensions then be really careful as you apply this inner layer. In the learning phase, I find lots of my patients will either risk poking themselves in the eye or - the other extreme- not getting them close enough to the base of lash margin for them to look good!

Some sites will say to apply the top lash and then snap the bottom in place while others recommend applying the bottom and then snapping the top in place. I think you are less likely to poke yourself in the eye by applying the top first. The main reason is that the magnet will catch the lower lash before you get too close to the eye. Let the magnet snap the inner lash in place- this shouldn’t take too much effort!

Are there any precautions to take with magnetic eyelashes?

Trust the magnet you shouldn’t have to force it. Also, remember to use plastic tweezers because the magnetic lashes will ‘stick’ to metal tweezers!

Remember to not go through an MRI machine with magnetic lashes on!

One thing I really like about magnetic lashes is that they don’t tend to rub against eyeglasses. This is probably because the placement is more along the lateral lash line.

Magnetic eyelashes


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