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Minimalist Skincare Routine

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

To look closer at what defines a minimalist skincare routine, first skincare basics are determined followed by deciding frequency for clarifying how often to “routinely” use. Read more...




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What is a minimalistic skincare routine?

To look closer at what defines a minimalist skincare routine, first skincare basics are determined followed by deciding frequency for clarifying how often to “routinely” use.

What are the skincare basics?

Skincare basics include :

  • Cleanse

  • Protect

  • Restore/Repair/Treat if needed

What does the word "routine" mean when it comes to skincare?

“Routinely” when it comes to skincare can be defined as consistently for maintenance. To further define routinely, the frequency of skin care product use could be considered. However, the frequency of skin care product use can vary widely from person to person based on their particular skin needs and skin experience. It is important to avoid assumptions that frequencies such as daily, twice daily, or multiple times daily are “mandatory”. This just is not the case.

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What does it mean to cleanse your skin?

In terms of a routine for cleansing, using water to clean the face can be achieved by splashing water on the face from the sink or simply allowing shower water to flush the facial skin with water. That qualifies. Setting aside time before and/or after the shower to wash the face again can overdo it.

Increasingly we have learned in the past couple of decades that even for babies washing too frequently and/or using cleansers too frequently will clean dirt and debris but, if used too often, will start to break down our skin’s natural barrier and predispose us to the risk of excessively dry skin called xerosis, and potentially eczema and risk of skin sensitivities.

If using skin care products and/or makeup, adding soap or cleanser to your routine can help reduce product buildup on the skin. Natural oils on our skin in addition to oil and sebum can start to accumulate as well. This requires soaps or cleansers as these tend to be oil soluble and water alone may not effectively remove them. That being said, every time you use water on your skin do not require soap or cleansers to be present. From a routine perspective, soaps or cleansers can be used daily if your skin can tolerate them, however, use every other day or every third day to the overall skin while still using water on a daily basis can reduce the chances of excess dryness.

Are there parts of the skin that require more routine cleansing?

Targeted routine use of soaps or cleansers for areas of the skin that may need added attention include:

  • Areas of the skin with potential for product accumulation such as the face, underarms, and hands

  • Areas of skin based on product accumulation or a higher tendency to accumulate bacteria or yeast such as skin folds

  • Areas of the skin exposed to environmental dirt, debris, and/or pollution

What does it mean to protect the skin?

Protecting the skin appears to be the step that is given the least attention but is likely the most important. Understanding the function of the skin can help place the importance of protecting the skin into perspective. The skin is a complex organ that plays a number of roles. Although many think of it through just a cosmetic lens, the reality is that our skin is playing a number of vital functions in our overall well-being.

Think of your skin as not smooth like a wall but more like a brick wall of a cobblestone street. Caring for your skin the right way and recognizing the need to protect it will keep the mortar that holds your skin cells together intact and able to perform at its best. To protect your skin consider the role of sunscreens in the morning to protect from UV and moisturizers at night to provide your skin with an environment that promotes repair mechanisms in the skin overnight.

What does it mean to use products to repair the skin?

The repair category includes the wide range of skincare products and skin care ingredients we see at beauty stores. This is where we sit down to discuss your skin care goals so that this step in your skincare routine can be addressed appropriately.

Is it important to stick to a routine with skincare?

Sticking with a routine is about maintaining your skin in its optimal state and recognizing it as vital to your overall health. Of course, this routine is not carved in stone and will change or evolve over time based on your skincare needs. The most important aspect of the word "routine" is to include your to-do list for self-care.

skincare routine


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