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Self Care starts with Skin Care

The reality is that our skin in so many ways is a “check engine light” for our internal health. Read more...




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Can part of self-care be just general skin health and not really "fancy." Why?

One of the most important things I encourage my patients to understand is that general skin health is not supposed to be fancy. I learn the most from my oldest patients with gorgeous skin that swear by Ponds Cold Cream or Vaseline. There is an important distinction between caring for our skin because it makes us feel good or better about ourselves versus caring for our skin because it actually needs it. Masks, peels, facials, massages -- they can give our skin a glow, and the experience is relaxing and comforting. The long-term benefit to the skin is actually debatable.

What are a couple of things we should be doing right now for our skin?

The simplest aspect of general skin health is hydration of the skin- inside and out. Drinking plenty of fluids and moisturizing the skin on a routine basis are some of the most important building blocks of a simple routine. Moisturizing the skin serves to improve the overall look and appearance of the skin while also restoring and maintaining the skin’s function as a barrier to the environment. It also helps improve circulation to the skin which can help improve our general sense of well-being.



Can you share how the concept of caring for your skin is a part of your self-care routine or what it means to you, personally? What do you do to ensure you look and feel good?

Caring for my skin is one of the first steps in my self-care routine. The reality is that our skin in so many ways is a “check engine light” for our internal health. When our skin looks and feels good, we tend to feel better about ourselves. One other key step to this process lately for me is sharing this routine with my teenage kids. I find that this time with less direct social interaction makes spending my self-care time with the kids so much more effective to achieve its ultimate goal of self-care which is to achieve a balance with physical and mental well-being.

What else should we know about practicing skin health in the time of quarantine?

The most important thing to remember is that you do not need to run out to the store or go online to purchase a lot of new products to achieve skin health. Focus on products you likely already have- moisturizers and skin oils regardless of the brand or look around the kitchen for simply DIY ingredients for your skin!


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