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Stem Cells in Skincare

Plant-based stem cell extracts in skincare products have many potential benefits based on studies. Read more...



stem cells skincare

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What are Stem Cells in skincare?

Before discussing plant-based stem cells in skincare, it is important to really understand the term “stem cell” and how it has evolved to become an eye-grabbing, loosely applied poorly regulated marketing. Stem Cells gained a lot of attention about a decade ago in the world of spinal surgery when embryonic stem cells were used to treat an injury. Stem cells are intended to reference the cells that have not taken on a specialized role- they are the precursors to cells that are still capable of becoming cells that can heal tissue, replace tissue, or growth. Animals and plants both have pools of stem cells capable of differentiating when needed to take on these roles. Plant stem cells are primarily used for the cosmetic industry simply due to regulations regarding the use of human or animal-derived products. Stem cell extracts are not the stem cells themselves. The stem cells extracts are considered substances derived from stem cells studied to have potential impacts on surrounding cells.

What are the benefits of plant-based stem cells in skincare?

Plant-based stem cell extracts in skin care products have many potential benefits based on studies. There are studies to confirm that some extracts can:

  • Stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen

  • Assist in wound healing

  • Anti-oxidant activities to protect cells from oxidative stress

  • Protect the skin from UV damage

It is difficult to quantify the impacts of these extracts in commercially available products as these findings are based on laboratory research of these extracts under specific conditions and formulations. These extracts do not appear to trigger a strong immune response making them more tolerable in skincare overall.

How do stem cells work?

Plant stem cell extracts work by providing the mediators produced by stem cells to potentially interact with cells in your skin to have an impact. Our cells interact with each other through the various active substance they produce that act as signals to tell other cells what to do. The theory behind stem cell extracts is that by isolating the signal that is responsible for a particular response, the product can focus on triggering specialized activities of cells. For example, Nicotiana sylvestris derived from a flowering tobacco plant was shown to stimulate fibroblast cells to produce collagen which can help in wound healing and skin regeneration.

What do stem cells do for the skin?

Plant stem cell extracts have the potential role in anti-aging, anti-inflammatory processes, hair growth, and possibly wound healing. Remember, part of aging is that our cells are programmed to slow down their activity over time. By providing the mediators that keep cells from doing so, the decreased collagen and elasticity, thinning of the hair, and consequential environmental stress on our skin could be reduced.

Plant stem cell extracts in laboratory conditions have been shown to increase collagen production, decrease inflammation, and work as anti-oxidants for the skin.

stem cells skincare


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