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Winter Skin | 3 Must-Have Skin Care Essentials for Dry Skin, Breakouts, and Static!

The cold weather can really take a toll on our skin. The lack of moisture in the air can... Read on...




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What does cold weather do to our skin?

The cold weather can really take a toll on our skin. The lack of moisture in the air can leave the skin feeling cracked and dry. Depending on the type of heat in your home, work, or car, the added tension to your skin from dry heat can only aggravate the issue.

For this reason, my first "Winter Must-Have" recommendation is to have Aquaphor or Cerave Healing Ointment close by. They work for so many winter skin-related issues- chapped lips, dry cracked skin, irritated eyelid skin, and dry skin on elbows and knees. Remember to use it to treat AND prevent dry skin.

Any winter must-haves for acne-prone skin?

My favorite go-to face ingredient for breakouts in the winter is Azelaic Acid. Most traditional acne products work by drying or exfoliating. The lack of moisture in the air in the winter can only make this feel more sensitive or uncomfortable. This product is great for people who struggle with acne and sensitive skin. There is a prescription version of this active ingredient that insurance does not routinely cover. I use this under my makeup and find I am not greasy by mid-day, my makeup maintains a matte-like finish, and I do not tend to break out as easily.

Are there winter must-haves for hair care?

Another issue that dry air contributes to is hair static. If you have ever taken a scarf or hat off after being out in the cold, you may have noticed your hair becoming a little more difficult to control. The friction of the clothing against your hair creates a static charge. Normally the moisture in the air can conduct this electric charge away and you do not even notice it. However, when it's cold and dry, it will be hard not to notice! One of the secrets to trying to control this is to introduce moisture to your hair. Consider using leave-in conditioners to keep the static under control. These products tend to hold moisture to the hair without appearing overly greasy or oily. They keep hair shiny and more manageable.


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