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Product Claims | What does "Dermatologist Tested" mean?

There is not necessarily a specific criterion a product has to meet from a regulatory perspective to use the claim “dermatologist tested”. Read more...



dermatologist tested

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What does it mean when a product is "dermatologist tested”?

There is not necessarily a specific criterion a product has to meet from a regulatory perspective to use the term “dermatologist tested”. The implication of this claim is that a dermatologist took part in the testing of the product at some point along the way. It does not necessarily imply that it is approved for specific skin types or skin effects, however.

What kinds of steps does a brand need to take to make the claim "dermatologist tested"?

The assumption with this claim is that a brand needs to include a dermatologist in the production or evaluation of the product to use this claim. However, since it is not a regulated term, the claim can still be made even if a dermatologist is provided with a financial incentive to take part in this process.

Is the claim "dermatologist tested" regulated in any way?

The claim "dermatologist tested" is not regulated.

Does the claim "dermatologist tested" mean the product is hypoallergenic?

Although there may be an assumption that "dermatologist tested" implies hypoallergenic, this is not necessarily the case.

Does the claim "dermatologist tested" also mean "dermatologist approved"?

Although there is an assumption that if a product states it is "dermatologist tested" it should be "dermatologist approved", the reality is that these are two distinct claims. Dermatologists may have taken part in the process of creating or testing the product but they may not necessarily approve the product unless this is specifically stated. Again, "dermatologist approved" is still a marketing claim without a true regulatory process. However, it would be poor form for a company to state this and not be able to provide the name and credentials of the Dermatologist offering their approval.

What is the difference between "dermatologist tested" and "dermatologically tested"?

"Dermatologist tested' implies a physician with Dermatology training tested the product. "Dermatologically tested" implies that the product was tested on the skin but does not give an indication as to the individual testing the product and their level of training. Again, a misleading not necessarily regulated claim.

What is your advice for consumers who want to look past the marketing and see if a product has actually been recommended and tested by an expert?

I recommend, especially in the age of social media, to see what your Dermatologist or the Dermatologists you trust say about the product. It is not worth getting caught up in product claims as they would not make these claims unless they supported sales. Check with your dermatologist or with their verified social media accounts to see what they have to say before falling for this claim.

dermatologist tested

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