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Diapers | Choosing the right diaper as a part of a skincare routine

Updated: Feb 15

For babies, infants, and toddlers with a tendency towards eczema or sensitive skin, one of the most important things to consider in helping their skin is choosing the right diapers as a part of their skincare routine. Read more...



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What are diapers made of?

Diapers are composed of multiple layers. The top layer that touches the baby’s skin is meant to wick away moisture to the second layer. This layer is absorbent. It is usually composed of Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP). The last layer is waterproof to hold in the moisture and prevent it from leaking out onto clothing. Dyes may be added to the lining as a wetness indicator. There may also be fragrances and lotions that can play a role in a skincare routine.

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What is the top sheet made of?

The top sheet is the portion of the diaper in direct contact with the baby's skin. This does not vary much between diapers.

From the chart above (with hyperlinks to brand websites) you can see there is not much variation in the materials chosen for the top layer. This layer is intended to be soft and wicking to pull moisture away from the skin into the next layer, the absorbent layer. The differences between brands and variations within brands may be found more so in any dyes, fragrances, or lotions embedded in this layer.

What is in the absorbent layer?

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