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Eyebrows and Aging

Eyebrows play a significant role in multiple aspects of our facial aesthetic. Read more...



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How much of a difference do eyebrows really make in one's appearance?

Eyebrows have a huge impact on our appearance. Eyebrows play a significant role in multiple aspects of our facial aesthetic. They play a significant role in nonverbal communication and the expression of emotions. They also play a role in facial identification. There are studies that have shown that eyebrows may be almost as influential as eyes in recognizing faces.

What's the relationship between eyebrows and aging?

Many women will complain that their lateral eyebrows can thin as they get older. It is hard to say if it is thinning or simply graying over time and becoming less noticeable as a result. It is also true that many men and postmenopausal women will note that their individual eyebrow hair length becomes longer. This can contribute to a somewhat bushy appearance of the eyebrows as these hairs become less manageable.



Can anyone wear bold brows?

Of course, anyone can wear the type of brow that they prefer. However, if it is not consistent with the type of eyebrow they are accustomed to, it may play a role in altering their appearance to others.

If so, how should they be styled so they can appear flattering to anyone?

Eyebrow aesthetics can change over time based simply on the natural aging of our forehead over time. The lateral forehead can tend to droop as we get older which can alter or change the eyebrow appearance. This field is broad simply because of its importance and facial reconstruction, skin cancer removal that can impact the location and position of the eyebrow as well as the density of the hair within the eyebrow, and post-traumatic.

There are various aesthetic landmarks on the face that define natural points where eyebrows should begin, end, and peak. Most studies I’ve come across place the ideal eyebrow placement as follows:

  • Medial end should align with the medial canthus (corner of the eye where the tear duct lies) and the outer rim of the nose.

  • Lateral end of the eyebrow should fall in the same horizontal plane as the medial end of the eyebrow. It should end in line with the outer rim of the nose and lateral canthus of the eye.

  • Outer edge of the iris (colored part of the eye) should align vertically with the peak of the eyebrow. For men, this peak should be on the orbital rim and for women, it should be a few millimeters above it.

What are some other tips on how women can style their brows to curb the signs of aging?

When styling brows as we get age, it is important to stay true to these landmarks for placement. Remember that our forehead ages and the lateral eyebrow will droop. I often place filler to lift this area. However, if the filler is not placed, any attempt to simply draw the eyebrow higher may not appear as you wish simply because the bony protuberance of the orbital rim will ‘out’ your attempts to change the location! In terms of the density or thickness of the hair itself, it is likely that the intensity of the color of the eyebrow plays a more significant role than the actual hair volume. I tend to recommend that patients that do decide to get micro blading, powder fill, or actually even pursue an eyebrow transplantation procedure keep in mind that it may be worthwhile to stay 1 to 2 shades lighter than your normal hair color to avoid drawing too much attention to the boldness of the brow. It can always be darkened with eyebrow powders if needed.


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