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How to soothe the delicate skin around the eyes

The soft tissue around the eyes is like a sponge. Read more...



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What happens to the skin around the eyes when we are fatigued and lacking sleep?

The soft tissue around the eyes is like a sponge. Allergies, eye makeup irritation, rubbing our eyes, not sleeping enough- all of these can build up fluid around the eyes. Once that fluid is caught up in the soft tissues around the eyes, it can linger for a long long time. This can lead to puffiness. The lymphatic drainage around the eyes can be impaired with sinus pressure and allergies that can make this puffiness linger. For some, lack of sleep can result in the opposite effect- dark circles under the eyes. This ‘sunken’ look to the eyes can be also worsened by dehydration.

Which natural ingredients can help relieve tired eyes?

Tea bags that have been in hot water and then cooled down can be applied to the eyelids. Caffeine and antioxidants have been shown to reduce vascular congestion and reduce inflammation.

The thought behind cucumber slices is that they can cool the skin and reduce vascular congestion. They also have vitamin K which has been shown to help with circulation as well.

Potato slices have been used by some to cool the skin and can reduce vascular congestion to improve the appearance of this area. My only worry about potatoes is that they may contain catecholase which can actually potentially darken the skin. Catecholase is an enzyme that can promote melanin production.

Which ingredients should one try to avoid if they're looking for an all-natural eye product?

Retinol can be hit or miss around the eyes. It can help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, however, many people are simply too sensitive to use it. Avoid products with fragrances or floral extracts that can irritate the delicate skin around the eyes or even cause the eyes to have a burning sensation.



What are a few all-natural products to brighten and rejuvenate tired eyes?

I’m a fan of hydration, cucumber extracts, and massage.

From a hydration perspective, moisturizing is key. This can be accomplished with something as simple as vitamin E or white petroleum jelly. By hydrating the skin, the turgor around the eyelid skin improves reducing the appearance of dark circles.

Cucumber extracts or slices can cool the skin and have the benefit of vitamin K to address the vascular component in eyelid swelling and discoloration.

And, massage via jade rollers or ice rollers can provide instant cooling and manipulation of any excess fluid in the tissue back into the lymphatic system.


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