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Mineral Makeup

There is not one cohesive definition to define “mineral powders”. Read more...



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What are mineral powders?

There is not one cohesive definition to define “mineral powders”. They generally refer to products that are marketed as natural products containing micronized minerals such as zinc, titanium, and iron oxides to produce pigments from naturally occurring minerals. Mineral powders tend to market themselves as fragrance-free and preservative free. They also tend to avoid oils and waxes making them less likely to be comedogenic.

Who should use mineral powder?

Those looking for lightweight coverage and products less likely to aggravate acne will likely be drawn to these.



Are there any studies supporting the benefits of mineral-based makeup?

Although there are limited studies evaluating the benefits of mineral makeup, I have come across some studies evaluating the likelihood of contact dermatitis to these products. There is a wide range of potential ingredients in products marketed as mineral makeup.

Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to give a blanket recommendation on whether to use these as a class of makeup products or not. Some products may contain chromium, gold, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, and parabens.

Are there any ways to choose the best mineral makeup?

Reading ingredient labels will be helpful especially if you have established contact dermatitis and know what to avoid. If you do have sensitive skin and have not been able to pinpoint a cause it would be helpful to see a Dermatologist for patch testing to determine if you have any ingredients you may need to avoid.


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